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For the Venue

What we do for your business

  • We deliver the highest level of customer experience and engagement with our Fine Art broadcast (silent slideshow) in your venue.
  • Your patrons will stay longer and buy more of what you already do.
  • You get a pure profit revenue stream from your unused wall space.
  • We pay you 10% on all art sales - paid monthly.
  • We pay you 10% on all "elegant ads" - paid monthly.
  • We give you FREE in house advertising of all your specials & events.
  • Advertising credit of $598 (our installation fee) on the network, FREE!
  • Proactively market to like-minded high end venues in the network.
  • No time, effort or expense, just a monthly "turnkey" income stream.
  • No annual renewal fee.     Click:  Get My Own Broadcast 

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For the Advertiser

Advertise the right way,
to the right people,
at the right time.

Everyone loves Fine Art. People who watch the Broadcast Gallery are clearly the affluent sector of the market. They are engaged in the broadcast and are enjoying themselves. At each of our exclusive venues is a gorgeous large screen smart monitor kiosk, which play our fine art broadcast. The broadcast is a beautiful and elegant (15 second) slideshow presentation of masterpieces of all styles and price points, that are for sale. Discreetly placed between slides, are what we call "Elegant Ads". Ads show once every 1-5 minutes, depending upon the venues selection. Place your brand advertisment in front of upscale, upper-income patrons, in public view. Advertise the right way (a broadcast so enjoyable they can't ignor it), to the right people (the affluent), at the right time (when relaxed and enjoying themselves). Open Advertising Account or Login

For the Artist

Earn royalties &
sales commissions

There are two ways to prosper as an artist on the Broadcast Gallery network. 1) Publishing rights royalties, and 2) sales of art from the network. Not only are you paid a sales commission of 60% of your listed price when your art sells, you are also paid royalties when your artwork is shown on the network, everytime it is shown, in each venue it is shown. This royalty equals a percentage of the advertising revenue collected from the most recent ad and the subsequent ad that appears after your work of art. This account requires a $29.00 monthly administration fee payment. The first month is paid in advance, and subsequent months are deducted from earnings. Depending upon the rotation of your art and the advertising revenue produced during the broadcast, your earnings can range - up to the tens of thousands of dollars annually. See the Royalty Calculator coming soon.

Click Open an Artist Account now. All artists and their work are subject to jury review. See our Jury Criterahere.


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Broadcast Gallery Inc.
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Telephone: 386-561-9914

Andrew Hyder - CEO
Telephone: 612-382-5566